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12 Games of Christmas GAC Movie 2023

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12 Games of Christmas GAC Movie, Release Date, Cast, Story 2023

The GAC Movie 12 Games of Christmas will premiere on December 17, 2023.

Story of GAC Movie 12 Games of Christmas

In “12 Games of Christmas,” a bunch of longtime friends and neighbors find themselves inside a Christmas board game at a holiday party.

The cast of 12 Games of Christmas

The full cast of GAC Movie 12 Games of Christmas includes Felisha Cooper, Johnny Ramey, Ernest Pierce, James Zimbardi, Erica Duke, and Rachel S. Heslin as Townie(uncredited)

1 Felisha Cooper

Felisha Cooper

Cast of 12 Games of Christmas- Felisha Cooper is a talented American Actress. She is known for her roles in The Last Ship (the year 2014, as Maya Gibson), Swedish Dicks (the year 2016-2018, as Sarah), Date of Honor (the year 2019, as Juliana), and Vacation Home Nightmare (the year 2023, as Alesha).

Felisha Cooper will now be seen in BScapades of Bohana and Santiago. It is a TV Movie in which she is playing the role of Dawn.

Felisha Cooper was born on September 8, 1992, and her place of birth is Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA. The current age of Felisha is 31 years and her zodiac sign is Virgo. The names of her parents are Kimberly Cooper and Gene Cooper. Read Full Bio

2 Johnny Ramey

Member of GAC Movie 12 Games of Christmas – Johnny Ramey is an Anerican actor, director and producer who was born in California, United States. His birth name is Johnny Lynn Ramey Jr. He started his acting career with the short film Sealed in 2019. His first Hollywood movie was New Year’s Eve as Willie in 2011.

As a director he directed five short film and a movie, he produced six short film and a movie. His upcoming projects are Big Trees as Jake, Breakout as Bernard Ginn, and Mee and McGee as Nathaniel.

3 Ernest Pierce

Ernest Pierce is a talented actor, director and producer, was born on August 23, 1985, in Chicago, Illinois, USA and holds American nationality.  Ernest started his Hollywood journey with the Film Batman Begins in 2015.

He notable works includes the  TV Series DTLA as Stefan in 2012, Decker as Franklin in 2016, and Witchcraft 16: Hollywood Coven as Jamal in2016.

His futurs projects are Chastise as Mr. Whitefish, The Daughter of Dolemite as Billie and The Lair: Only Fangs as Charles.  On June 2, 2008 he married Daniella Gorski and they later divorced on September 8, 2012.

4 James Zimbardi

American actor James Zimbardi was born on June 12, 1985, in New Haven, Connecticut, United States. His birth name is James V incent Zimbardi and his nick name is Jay. Apart from an actor he is well- known writer and producer.

He made his debut with the Short Film Resurgent as Con Artist in 2008. His notable works include General Hospital (TV Series) in 2012, Days of Our Lives (TV Series) in 2015, Awaken The Shadowman  in 2017, and Nix in 2022.

5 Erica Duke

Member of GAC Movie 12 Games of Christmas – Erica Duke is a talented actress, director and producer, born on August 26, 1983, in Colorado, United States. Her birth name ia Erica Anna Duke. Her Hollywood journey Began with the film Dozers in 2010, where she played the role of Sabrina Laundry Girl.

As a directed she directed a short film Mark of the Rougarou in 2020 and she produced two TV Movies, a short film and a film.

She has five  future projects including The Parting as Heather, Unhallowed Country as Cary, Mind Masters as MirandaAsylum Breaking News as Tammy Steel, and Planet Quake as Dr. Milly Anderson.

6 Exzinia Scott

Cast of 12 Games of Christmas – Exzinia Scott is an actress who started her acting career in the year 2019 with the Hollywood movie Idol Madness. She is well known for her roles in Beaus of Holly as Jennifer (TV Movie) in 2020 and Broke Boys as Logan Jeffries (TV Series) in 2022 .

7 Rachel S. Heslin as Townie(uncredited)

Where to Watch 12 Games of Christmas?

Viewers can watch 12 Games of Christmas on December 17, 2023, Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Great American Family Channel

Movie Highlights

Movie 12 Games of Christmas
Genre  Comedy, Adventure and  Romance
Network  GAC Television
Release Date  December 17, 2023
Director  Anthony C. Ferrante
Writers Anna Rasmussen

12 Games of Christmas GAC Movie, Release Date, Cast, Story 2023

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