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Mystery on Mistletoe Lane Hallmark Movies, Cast, 2023

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Mystery on Mistletoe Lane Hallmark Movies, Release Date, Cast, 2023

The Hallmark Movie Mystery on Mistletoe Lane will premiere on November 09, 2023.

Story of Hallmark Movie Mystery on Mistletoe Lane

Heidi Wicks (played by Erica Cerra) and her kids just moved to a new town. They live in an old house. One day, they find a Christmas mystery in their house. A man named David (Victor Webster), who knows a lot about the town’s history and can fix things, helps them. As they solve the mystery, they also find out something surprising about David’s past.

The Cast of Mystery on Mistletoe Lane

1 Erica Cerra as Heidi Wicks

Erica CerraErica Cerra is a popular Canadian actress who works predominantly in Hollywood television series and movies. She is well known for her acting performances in Hollywood television series such as Eureka and The 100.

Erica Cerra was born on October 31, 1979, in Vancouver, Canada. Erica Cerra started her acting career as a supporting actress in the Hollywood television series with a series named Special Unit 2 telecasted in the year 2001. She then appeared in a supporting role in some Hollywood television series such as Black Sash, Dead Like Me, Jake 2.0, Naughty Bits, and The L Word. Read Full Bio

2 Victor Webster as David

Victor WebsterVictor Webster is a Canadian actor and he is well-known for being the second actor to act as Nicholas Alamain in The Days of Our Lives an NBC daytime soap from 1999 to 2000.

Webster started his career with the TV series Sunset Beach in 1998, which was an uncredited role. Later he got a chance to work on another TV series The Lot in 1999.

Victor Webster is currently one of the most popular faces on the Hallmark Channel. He debuted on Hallmark Channel with the movie Puppy Love in 2012, where he worked with popular Hallmark actress Candace Cameron Bure.

Later Victor Webster worked in many Hallmark channel movies and series like Magic Stocking, Summer Villa, Love Blossoms, Chesapeake Shores, The Wedding Veil Journey, and The Wedding Veil Legacy, etc. Read Full Bio

3 Fred Henderson as Wallace

Fred HendersonFred Henderson is a Canadian Actor. He is known for his roles in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (the year 1989, as Chief Engineer), Totally Killer (the year 2023, as Norm Dubasage), This Means War (the year 2012, as Older Family Friend), and Final Destination 2 (the year 2003, as Dr. Lees).

Fred Henderson started his acting journey in a TV series named “The Hitchhiker” (year 1987, 1 episode, as Husband). His debut movie is “Shoot to Kill” (year 1988, as Agent Owenby). Read Full Bio

4 Logan Pierce as Garrett

Logan PierceLogan Pierce is a Canadian Child Actor. He has done TV series like The Good Doctor (the year 2019, 1 episode, as Young Steve) and The Last of Us (the year 2023, 1 episode, as The Boy). The upcoming project of Logan Pierce is Mystery on Mistletoe Lane (year 2023, TV movie, as Garrett).

Logan Pierce started his acting journey in a TV series named “The Good Doctor” (2019, as Young Steve). After that, he did another series named “The Last of Us”. Logan is a young and emerging talent in the Canadian Entertainment Industry. Very soon, he will be seen in many more TV series and movies. Read Full Bio

5 Mary-Beth Manning as Linda Swanson

Mary-Beth ManningMary-Beth Manning is an Actress and a Writer. She is known for her roles in See How She Runs (the year 1978, as Kathy Quinn), Agent Carter (the year 2015, 1 episode, as Woman), Marry Go Round (the year 2022, as Emily), and A Million Little Things (the year 2023, 2 episodes, as Councilwoman Dottie Lewis).

Mary-Beth’s debut TV movie is “See How She Runs” (year 1978, as Kathy Quinn). Then she appeared in TV series and movies like A Christmas to Remember (1978, as Louise Hockmeyer), Sooner or Later (1979, as Caroline), and ABC Afterschool Specials (1981, as Victoria Martin). Mary-Beth is also known for her performances in Laker Girls (1990, as Muffin), Hunter (1991, as Nancy Lieberman), Interior Night (2016, as Steve’s Mother), and Marry Go Round (2022, as Emily). Read Full Bio

6 Juliette Hawk as Annie

Juliette HawkJuliette Hawk is a Child Actress and now, she is in her initial years of teenage. She is known for her roles in Game, Set, Love (the year 2022, as Mia), Christmas at the Golden Dragon (the year 2022, as Jessa), Holidazed (as Young Katie), and Tiger Mom (as Girl).

Juliette started participating in school plays and she gained immense interest in the field of acting. Her first screen audition was highly successful and she was chosen for a supporting role in “Snowed in for Christmas”.

Her parents have always been inclined towards the music genre and her grandmother used to be a singing teacher. Read Full Bio

7 Jeanie Cloutier as Council Member

8 Benjamin Jacobson as Young Wallace

9 Diana Smendra as Library Worker

Where to Watch Mystery on Mistletoe Lane?

Viewers can watch Mystery on Mistletoe Lane on November 09, 2023, Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Hallmark Channel.

Movie Highlights

Movie Mystery on Mistletoe Lane
Genre  Drama, Romance
Network  Hallmark Network
Release Date  November 9, 2023
Director  Allan Harmon
Writers Robert Bastron, Kevin Duda, Mark Hefti

Mystery on Mistletoe Lane Hallmark Movies, Release Date, Cast, 2023

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