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Christmas Bedtime Stories Hallmark Movie 2022

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Christmas Bedtime Stories Hallmark Movie 2022

Fall is officially here! What would be better than to spend the weekend watching Hallmark Channel’s new release Christmas Bedtime Stories

Story of the Hallmark the Movie Christmas Bedtime Stories

Danielle (Erin Cahill) is left to raise her daughter Audrey alone when her husband Colby (Charlie Weber) goes MIA during a military deployment overseas and is presumed dead.

Three years later, Danielle’s life changes, when she gets engaged to her old friend Pierce Baker (Steve Lund). Her daughter Audrey starts asking questions about her father when she learns about the father-daughter dance at school. Danielle begins to tell Audrey stories about her father, which then eventually turn into bedtime stories every night. As her mother shares stories about her father, Audrey envisions her father as a flesh and blood hero.

As Danielle shares stories about her late husband with her daughter, she begins to feel unsettled about Colby. On Christmas eve, Danielle and Audrey dance together and all the while Danielle continues to question why her love for Pierce is not the same as the love she had for Colby and waits for a sign.

The Cast of the Hallmark Movie Christmas Bedtime Stories

1 Erin Cahill as Danielle

Erin CahillErin Jessica Cahill’s full name is Erin Cahill is an American actress. She began her acting career in 1996 with the film Space and Tube, and later she debuted in the TV series Power Rangers Time Force. She is one of the most popular and hottest hallmark channel actresses.

Erin Cahill was born on 24 January 1980 in Stafford, Virginia, USA. Her height is 5’7” feet and 52 kg, having a slim body with brown eyes and brown hair. She is one of the hallmark actresses with dark hair. Read Full Bio & Hallmark Movies list 

2 Steve Lund as Pierce

Steve LundSteve Lund is a Canadian actor, who began his acting career with the short film End of Message in 2009 and debuted in the TV Series Yukonic! in 2011. He is popularly known for the roles of Nick Sorrentino in Bitten [2014], Jake in Schitt’s Creek [2016], etc.

Steve Lund was born on 9 January 1989 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and he married Kalleen Kirk. His estimated net worth is around USD 4 million and his height and weight are 6’3” feet and 75 kg, having blue eyes and Brunette hair. Read Full Bio & Hallmark Movies list

3 Charlie Weber as Colby

Charlie WeberCharles Weber was born on September 20, 1978, in Jefferson City, Missouri. He is an American actor and former model. He moved to New York to pursue his acting career at the early age of 19 years. In his early stage, he works as a model for Christmas 1998 Abercrombie & Fitch catalog.

Movie  Christmas Bedtime Stories
Genre  Mystery
Network  Hallmark Network
Release Date  October 29, 2022
Director  Alysse Leite-Rogers
Writer Nancy Grace and Josh Sabarra

Christmas Bedtime Stories Hallmark Movie 2022

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