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Matching Hearts Hallmark Movie 2020

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Matching Hearts Hallmark Movie 2020

Fall is officially here released on February 8, 2020! What would be better than to spend the weekend watching Hallmark Channel’s new release Matching Hearts


Story of the Hallmark Movie Matching Hearts

Daniel O’Connor (Ryan Paevey) is an entrepreneur who believes staying single is the key to success. As Valentine’s Day approaches, Julia Palmer (Taylor Cole) is tasked by her mentor to find a match for Daniel, who is known in town as Mr. Stay Single.

Matchmaking pushes Julia and Daniel to question their long-held stances on their relationship. While Daniel’s mission is to tell people that business success depends on staying single. While Julia’s entire career is matching people together.

Both Julia and Daniel share great chemistry from the very moment they met. But they have different views on dating and romance. As they work together, all the pieces fit together perfectly, allowing Julia and Daniel to get together.

The Cast of the Hallmark Movie Matching Hearts

1 Taylor Cole as Julia Palmer

Taylor ColeTaylor Cole is an American actress and she was born on 29th April 1984 in Arlington, Texas in USA. She is not just an actress but a former fashion model. She is very talented and blessed with many skills. Taylor has been an athlete on her high school’s volleyball team and has traveled around the country with the Junior Olympics Squad.

Taylor Cole completed her schooling at Mirabeau B. Lamar High School. It is where everything started as she traveled with the Junior Olympics Squad and got her start as a model. She then showed up in commercials and advertisements for Old Spice, Crest toothpaste, and Dooney & Bourke handbags. Read more


2 Ryan Paevey as Daniel O’Connor

Ryan PaeveyRyan Paevey is an American model and actor. He was born on 24th September 1984 in Dayton, Ohio, United States. His birth name is Ryan Jacob Paevey-Vlieger and he as an actor is well-known for his role as Nathan West in General Hospital an ABC soap opera.

Ryan did modeling since high school and with a few breakthroughs he has been shooting in the year 2012 he got to show up in a Christina Aguilera music video Your Body and which portrayed her ideas about, the male dominant society. Ryan debuted on the ABC soap opera, General Hospital which was mentioned before on January 2nd of the year 2014. He was the male lead Donovan Darcy in Hallmark’s Unleashing Mr.Darcy in 2016 and Marrying Mr. Darcy in the year 2018. Read more

Donna Benedicto as Gwen

Donna BenedictoOsric Chau as Timothy Wong

Osric ChauLossen Chambers as Elizabeth Johnson

Debs Howard as Chloe

Debs HowardLatonya Williams as Madison

Latonya WilliamsAshley Alexander as Steph

Antonio Cayonne as Matt

Antonio CayonneJessica Steen as Barbara

Milo Shandel as Art

Milo ShandelLara Gilchrist as Alexis

Lara GilchristChris Shields as Colin

Garrett Black as Henry

Andrea Rosolia as Jeremy

Andrea RosoliaMariessa Portelance as Astronomer

Anita Brown as Dara

Anita BrownMélania Solano as Instructor

Mélania Solano

Movie  Matching Hearts
Genre  Drama, and Romance
Network  Hallmark Network
Release Date  February 8, 2020
Director  Siobhan Devine
Writer Zac Hug, Sarah Wise, and Laurence Walsh

Matching Hearts Hallmark Movie 2020

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