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The Dog Lover’s Guide to Dating Hallmark Movie 2023

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The Dog Lover’s Guide to Dating Hallmark Movie 2023

Fall is officially here releasing on January 1, 2023! What would be better than to spend the weekend watching Hallmark Channel’s new release The Dog Lover’s Guide to Dating


Story of the Hallmark Movie The Dog Lover’s Guide to Dating

Alex (Rebecca Dalton) is a professional dog trainer who loves her four-legged clients. She never trusts the owners of the furry friends. Her love for dogs makes it difficult for her to have a dating life.

Meanwhile, Simon (Corey Sevier) has the opposite problem. He has found the girl of his dreams – Chloe (Eliza King). He just needs to win over her dog so they can live happily ever after. When Simon discovers Alex’s impeccable dog training skills, he convinces her to train him the ways of the canine so he can show his girlfriend and her beloved pug what a fun-loving pack leader he can be.

Alex reluctantly agrees to help Simon. But she is not convinced that dog training can turn Simon’s dating life around. Alex has bigger problems and her focus shifts when she needs to raise enough money to save the local animal shelter.

Simon helps Alex with his marketing skills. Alex may know dogs but Simon understands people and knows how to get their support. Together, Alex and Simon throw a fundraising event to save the shelter.

As they spend more time together, Simon realizes that he has been barking up the wrong tree as he has been surprisingly falling for Alex all along. Will they raise enough funds to support the animal shelter? Will Simon melt Alex’s heart and make her fall in love with him?

The Cast of the Hallmark Movie The Dog Lover’s Guide to Dating

1 Corey Sevier as Simon

Corey SevierCorey Sevier started his career in front of the camera being a baby model of just six months old. This modeling career, in turn, led to work in commercials and when he became a seven-year-old he was in his very first acting job in the Family Pictures the ABC mini-series. He acted with veterans like Sam Neill and Angelica Houston. His experience as a younger one made him find his own passion in it.

Corey got his breakthrough in the 90’s version of the prolific series Lassie in which he was in the role of Timmy. This show was there internationally for four seasons and it got him a Gemini nomination.

He was quite a prolific actor in his childhood. His very starring role in a feature movie was in Disney’s, Summer of Monkeys. This heart-warming family drama premiered at the Toronto International Film Fest and it won a coveted Crystal Heart Award. Read More and hallmark movie list

2 Rebecca Dalton as Alex

Rebecca DaltonRebecca Dalton is a Canadian actress well-known for her role as Stephanie Lyons in the television sitcom Spun Out and as Tara in Good Witch.

Dalton has appeared in four Hallmark movies  – A Perfect Christmas, Christmas Wedding Planner, A Tiny Home Christmas, and Christmas in Paris. In the movie A Perfect Christmas, she played the role of Robin. The movie is about a newlywed couple who prepare to host their first family Christmas together, but things don’t go according to plan.

In the movie Christmas Wedding Planner, Dalton played the role of Emily. The movie is about a wedding planner who is in the midst of planning her cousin’s lavish and exclusive wedding. To disrupt her plans, a handsome private investigator turns her world upside down. Read Full Bio and Hallmark Movies

3 Eliza King as Chloe

Eliza KingMovie Highlights

Movie  The Dog Lover’s Guide to Dating
Genre  Romance, and Comedy
Network  Hallmark Network
Release Date  January 1, 2023
Director  Max McGuire
Writer Update Soon

The Dog Lover’s Guide to Dating Hallmark Movie 2023

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