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Lights, Camera, Christmas! Hallmark Movie 2022

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Lights, Camera, Christmas! Hallmark Movie 2022

Fall is officially here! What would be better than to spend the weekend watching Hallmark Channel’s new release Lights, Camera, Christmas!

Story of the Hallmark Movie Lights, Camera, Christmas!

Kerry (Kimberly Sustad), owns a shop in a small town. A holiday romance-comedy movie shoot is set to take place in the town. The main lead of the movie is Brad (John Brotherton), who is called the king of Christmas movies. The team is in dire need of a costume designer for the actors.

So, Kerry steps into the role to be a costume designer for the movie. As she works for the movie, she rediscovers that her true passion is costume design. While working with Brad, she finds herself falling for him. Will the rom-com movie become a reality in Kerry and Brad’s lives?


The Cast of the Hallmark Movie Lights, Camera, Christmas!

1 Kimberley Sustad as Kerry

Kimberley SustadKimberley Sustad is a Canadian actress and also writer. She was born on 27th May 1987 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She is well-known for her works such as Travelers in the year 2016; Unspeakable in the year 2019, and The Twilight Zone in the year 2019. Kimberley was married to Scott Sustad in the year 2004 and they were blessed with two children. Her husband Scott, is a Canadian entrepreneur and community builder. She is one of the ones who have their spots in the H-Town.

Kimberley made her very first high-budget debut project Travelers in the year 2016 and this movie also has got an 8.1 rating on the IMDB and which is one of the highest ratings on the site. Read Full Bio

2 John Brotherton as Brad

John BrothertonJohn Brotherton is an American actor and producer known for his work in films and television series. He is well-known as Matt Harmon in the Netflix series Fuller House.

Brotherton has appeared in several Hallmark movies. His first hallmark movie was Help for the Holidays in 2012. He played the role of Dave Gabriel. The story is about when a little boy from Los Angeles sends an emergency wish to Santa and Santa puts out a special assignment to give the VanCamp family a holiday wake-up call. Read Full Bio

3 Laura Soltis as Nancy

Laura SoltisLaura Soltis is an American actress and dancer. She is well-known for her performances in Black Sash, Hiccups, and Step Up All In.

Soltis has appeared in several Hallmark movies. Her recent Hallmark movie was Autumn in the City. The movie is about Piper who moves to New York City during the autumn season to find her passion. She meets Austin, an aspiring writer who wants to make it on his own without the help of his famous journalist mother, Patricia. Piper and Austin team up and create a children’s book project together. Soltis played the role of Patricia in the movie. Read Full Bio

4 Kallie Hu as Jamie DePalma
Kallie Hu5 Jana Berengel as Stella Evans
Jana Berengel6 Nik Andrews as Fireman
Nik Andrews7 Marissa Leong
Marissa Leong8 Leila Harrison as Jill
Movie  Lights, Camera, Christmas!
Genre  Comedy and Romance
Network  Hallmark Network
Release Date  November 5, 2022
Director  David Weaver
Writer Gary Goldstein

Lights, Camera, Christmas! Hallmark Movie 2022

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